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AETC has cooperated with Blackboard for a good amount of time. However, since 2019 the US air force began to phase out AETC Blackboard LMS (Learning Management System) and gradually move into AETC myLearning. All this is to improve teacher and student workflows. Below is a brief explanation regarding the AETC and its LMS.

AETC Blackboard Login

What is AETC?

AETC is short for Air Education and Training Command. Their headquarter is located in San Antonio, Texas, US. It was first formed and established in January 1942. Activities including recruiting, educating, and training air personnel are done here.

AETC will gratefully take America’s brave volunteers to serve their country, whether men or women. The AETC will develop them into capable air personnel by embracing AETC’s culture and teaching them examples.

How to Register to AETC?

If you are interested in joining AETC, you need to check on news updates on their official government website. They will announce when the registration is open and how to register. For example, from this post published on February 2021, you will be given time for about a month to prepare yourself.

Once you have passed, you will undergo another procedure to obtain your CAC (Common Access Card). This card is the only item you can use to identify yourself in the Army and access their services.

How to Log in to AETC Blackboard

Similar to any education in the 21st century, the Army has also become accustomed to online learning. Together with collaborations with LMS providers, you can participate in safe and secure online experiences. Even though the AETC Blackboard is slowly migrated into a new LMS, here is how you do login:

  1. Prepare your CAC and CAC reader.
  2. Go to
  3. Choose to log in with your CAC.
  4. If you cannot access it on your personal computer, you may need to install DOD certificates; they can be found here.
  5. If you are still having trouble, email the AETC for assistance.

Here is how to access the AETC myLearning LMS:

  1. Same as how you log in to Blackboard, but this time you go to this link.
  2. Insert your CAC as ordered by the login site.

For Canvas or Instructure LMS, go to: and enter your username and password.

That concludes the brief explanation of the AETC Blackboard. It has been quite a run collaborating with Blackboard. However, the US air force has decided to move on and do another collaboration with other LMS. Be sure to know which LMS you are supposed to be learning from. It is better to ask if you are confused rather than assuming.

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