U.S. Army AKO Login & Functionality


Army Knowledge Online, AKO, offers access to the Internet, the Army’s intranet portal, and information and knowledge sharing only with a single entry-point. This makes this U.S. Army AKO an organization collaborating tool that operates across the Department of the Army (DA) globally.

According to the report, one of every two serving military personnel logs in and accesses the AKO on daily basis. They browse the portal for its features and functionalities to fulfill their mission or duty and personal purposes like learning, knowledge sharing, training, and more.

U.S. Army AKO Login & Functionality

U.S. Army AKO Features and Functions

Main Function

AKO provides a primary feature of a web-based email service and collaboration abilities. By this process, AKO has integrated an application of a suite technology called Business Process Management or BPM. To name one of the examples is the “Wounded Warrior”—a type of management software for diagnosing and rehabilitating the wounded armed forces during a military mission in the field.

Learning Function

This feature offers access to the Army online education to the military members and DA civilians. Some examples of those online learning programs are Army’s E-Learning Program, U.S. Army Reserve Virtual University, Army Learning Management System, and Army Correspondence Course Program.

Some of them are even free of charge, such as the business courses. Those learning programs enrich the education level and are very helpful as promotion points transferable into college credits later.

Online Training

The members of the U.S. Military also have the opportunities for online training by accessing the U.S. Army AKO portal. Those pieces of training are available in various stages of career development under different names like Army Knowledge Online, Joint Knowledge Online, Army Training Network, and Army Learning Management System. Some examples of online training under those platforms are:

  • Operational Security (OPSEC)
  • Threat Awareness and Reporting Program
  • Army Concussion Course (mTBI)
  • Suicide Awareness and Prevention
  • Personnel Recovery
  • Combating Trafficking in Persons (CTIP)
  • Level 1 Antiterrorism Awareness Training

Finance Function

AKO also grants access to authorized users or registered soldiers to their financial records. This includes Leave and Earning Statements, Housing Allowance, Food Allowance, and the like.

Medical Function

This features maintains and updates the army personnel’s medical records containing past physical tests, DNA, and deployment readiness status.

Other Functions

This function provides more information about soldiers’ families, benefits, legal matters, travel records, readiness, various forms, and references.

U.S. Army AKO is an integrated technology enterprise that functions to disseminate information, share knowledge, manage the process, and collaborative tool throughout the AKO system. Those services are available to the users or customers on confidential and non-confidential networks, including single sign-on functionality, portal, email, discovery, and directory.

U.S. Army AKO Login

If you want to log in, you can access U.S. Army AKO Login here: https://www.us.army.mil/

For details, you can read our article about AKO Army Login or AKO Army Login Guidelines.

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