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The U.S. Army Human Resources Command (Army HRC or simply HRC) is a military organization that handles personnel management – active personnel, retirees, veterans, and families. It deals with the life quality of Army members, i.e. education, assignment, benefit, promotion, separation and leaving, transfer, honors, schedules, and other records.

Due to its essential role, it is worthy of looking deeper at Army HRC, its past time, and its major elements.

U.S Army HRC Homepage Portal

ARMY HRC “Soldiers First!”

Army HRC puts the soldiers first. It is in charge of the whole career of the armed forces. Its tasks start from the soldiers’ enlistment to their Basic Training enrollment until they depart from the troops, and beyond.

Army HRC History

Army HRC was established on 1 October 2003 due to the personnel asset merger between the U.S. Total Army Personnel Command (PERSCOM) and the United States Army Reserve Personnel Command (AR-PERSCOM).

After the merger, Army HRC functioned as a G-1 field operating agency under the Deputy Chief of Staff for Personnel or DCS. Its utmost priority is the career management and potential improvement of each federal army member.

In 2017 (1 October), Army HRC started a new operating role as a direct reporting unit (DRU) under the supervision of the same DCS office.

Army HRC Key Components

Under the Army HRC Commander leadership, this organization has over 40 operational elements nationally. Army HRC supports the Director, Army National Guard, and the Chief, Army Reserve, particularly in their Selected Reserve management. Meanwhile, some of Army HRC major elements are as follow:

  • The Enlisted Personnel Management Directorate (EPMD), providing career guidance and support to Active and Reserve enlisted Soldiers;
  • The Officer Personnel Management Directorate (OPMD), providing career guidance and support to Active and Reserve officers;
  • The Adjutant General Directorate (TAGD), managing soldiers’ records, evaluation processing, promotion boards, personnel actions, and entitlement programs, as well as support for Veterans;
  • The Personnel Information Systems Directorate (PERSINSD), providing Information Technology support to the army command functions;
  • Other staff components: the G3 (Operations), the Inspector General, the Resource Management, the Chief Information Officer, the Surgeon, and the Office of the Command Judge Advocate.

Army HRC Present Time

In today’s latest information technology world, Army HRC backs its Personnel information with the help of its computer-based programmers, scientist, and technicians. They work hard to maintain the information systems and information to be easily and securely accessible.

The Army HRC indeed has grown up to the present time, so have the major and operational elements. It is also true with human resources management and means. This agency keeps on developing itself to help and support the Army members most competently and effectively as possible. Soldier First!

U.S Army HRC Homepage Portal

These are the steps to follow in order for you to log in to the U.S Army HRC Homepage Portal.

  • Enter here: https://www.hrc.army.mil/ to access the U.S Army HRC Homepage Portal.
  • If you are having difficulty connecting to the U.S Army HRC Homepage or logging in, go to the “Troubleshoot” section.

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